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This room is about fantasies&fetishism,not partialism!As a form of partialism I offer just Podophilia FOOT FETISH&Hand fetishism.FETISHISM is part of hardcore fantasies. ALSO I CAN OFFER non-adult discussion(in my limits because I'm not google),BDSM fantasies/cam2cam,support for sexual disorder/ autism spectrum.So,I'M LIMITED. ENGLISH ***************************************************************************************************************************************** This room accept generous tips from anonymous members!if you will open a PM and send there a tip,nobody else will see it, just me and you!Thank you! TIP anonimous in PM or public or offline ...... for my attention! thank you! Enjoy My gallery! Be polite! Be generous! 1919 it's the minimum goal of the day!Let's do it! ***************************************************************************************************************************************** TIP MENU: **************************************************************************************************************************************** Hello!EVERYDAY u have the chance to please THE #sadist #smile #findomme #nylons #humiliatrix #dominatrix.I appreciate any tip/pvt/cam2cam.Make me proud of you!ThX! EVERYDAY At my 1 AM GMT+2 I WILL RESET MY PUBLIC GOAL SHOW: 1919 tokens per day. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I am in a bathroom robe or any kind of robe.... all of you should: Dress me in fetish clothes!: 500 tokens I wear First #fetish item(top)! + 500 tokens I add #leggings or #leather #pants! + 500 tokens I add nylons pantyhose or stockings! + 500 tokens I add heels and dangling! or boots! + 500 tokens I add boots! + 500 tokens I change #leather #skirt in #nylons! + 500 tokens I add #heels + 500 tokens I add #boots! + 500 tokens I'll put webcam down for everyone or in the cage,playing with minds of #kinksters! + 387 tokens To make me complete proud of all of you! II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II If I am dressed in fetish clothed: we can play SPIN THE WHEEL! :mhearttip Notice:36 PRIZES 69 tokens/ticket SPIN THE WHEEL! :tokenshower :people LIST OF Prizes IN FOLDER from my Gallery: Wheel of fortune 2019! :myell 1 - smoking cigarette/vaping 3-5min;2 - 5 min nylon socks feet*tan/black/grey/pink/tanwith dots/tan with red;3 - dangling 5 min with red stilletto;4 - dangling 5 min with black stillettto; 5 - outfit tease 3 min;6 - black leather overknees boots 5 min;7 - black velvet underkneed boots 5 min;8 - dangling 5 min with wedges;9 - handjob/ JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS;10 - ballbusting with wood crop/spoon/belt; 11 - COCK AND BALLS TORTURE INSTRUCTION 12 - CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS; 13 - DANGLING WITH CLEAR SANDALS; 14 - ankle boots by choice: black/red/white; 15 - barefeet close up ; 16 - SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION; 17 - MIDDLE FINGER; 18 - BOTH MIDDLE FINGERS ; 19 - BLACK/red/dark green/purple LEATHER GLOVES ; 20 - 7 or 17 or 11 INCHES STRAPON for 5 MIN ; 21 - footjob barefeet (RARE); 22 - medical play/medical gloves plus devices; 23 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 24 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings 25 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 26 - 5 min of talk about yr fetishes/kinks/cravings; 27 - nylon socks fingerless; 28 - nylon socks dots pink; 29 - nylon socks black&red; 30 - nylon socks grey; 31 - nylon socks dots tan/purple 32 - nylon socks tan&red&blue; 33 - black nylon feet tease ; 34 - black cotton+nylons socks ; 35 - grey cotton+nylons socks ;36 - flower black cotton+nylons socks III III III III III III permission to read my rest of my profile: FREEEEEE NO pm for ask me things that I was allready answered down!Just scroll down! *************************************************************************************************** PUBLIC TIPS MENU: Ordinary needs: permission from me to jerk(49) permission from me to type(6) permission from me to slap yr face per slap(8) permission from me to slap yr balls per slap(9) permission from me to slap yr cock per slap(11) permission from me to whip yr back per whip(7) permission from me to tied up yr balls(51) buy my used pantyhose tan black grey(1000) buy my used half until underknees socks(250) buy my old panties gstrings M or full panties L or XL(1001) buy my used nylon socks3per4 until ankles(500) Respect4workers from background of this site(1) Say Hello to me(10) Say Goodbye to me(5) A*****rmission4schedule a pvt/cam2cam with me(12) Song request(20) Middle finger(21) Any fetish items to be wear by me for 15 min(116) Public interrogation(25) wish me a good day(15) offer me a coffee(24) light my cigarette(30) BUY a shot of Vodka FOR ME OR YOURSELF(500) Generous cleavage for 1h(502) my LEGS OR STRAPON webcam down(105) My hair untied(180) red stilleto 30 min(222) red stilleto 15 min(111) glasses off/on(44) Spin the wheel(69) Ass in leggings/skirt(216) Play Rummy(59) Buy my next healthy meal(501) CHANGING MY OUTFIT(999) Buy me an opera ticket (2200) Give me a day off (I deserve it,I NEED ONE(2500) Cancelled the day off(2501) PM(50) ATTENTION ATTENTION: MY TIP MENU IS NOT OPTIONAL! For GENEROUS members/HEROS OR MONEY SLAVES/SUBMISSIVES/PIGS: Surgical correction of ear lobe(8850) Female Supremacy Legacy(49999) Buy for me a Webcam logitech CC3000e(30000) my Health retire Assurance(2000) my Bank House Rate(8000) my Heat Electric bill(2002) my cell phone and my internet bill(2003) my medical GIM bill(2004) Dungeon online room costs(2500) my Dentist bill(2499) fMovies or eating out(3500) my NEW shoes or boots shopping(7999) my mani and pedi(2999) my Hair care(3000) new Lingerie(4004) my general Shopping(20000) renovation of 2th room(35000)

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is a super popular live webcam entertainer who is also the Winner of 2015 Best Live Cam Model of LiveCamAwards. Nominated as Top MCam Model of Adult Webcam Awards and Fave Cam on AVN 2016 Awards.

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1币也是爱love(不震)✨╰(*°▽°*)╯❤️ 路过不白嫖,Whoring for nothing✨💗 偷亲uu一口 Kiss ✨Commit adultery 点歌order song❤(✿ ♥‿♥)✨ 私信uu悄悄话 PM✨✨+平台好友 喝水水补水水 DrinkWater💗💗 uu好漂亮✿ ♥‿♥)✨So beautiful 站起来扭扭,看看身材✨✨stand up 开合跳5下✨Jumping jacks x5 絲襪誘惑 👠👠wear stockings 打屁股3下 💖Spank ass 3 💗💗 手放内裤里摸妹妹+淫叫 1分钟💗💗 看看脚✨Look at the leg 👍侧身小狗式翘臀诱惑1分钟 甜酣酣叫老公 called husband✨💕💋 一盒巧克力 让uu 闭嘴一分钟Shut up for a minute. 💋M腿+揉胸(不脱)性感套餐 99朵玫瑰花送uu ♥‿♥)✨99 Roses 转换大黑牛Convert Domi✿ ♥‿ 无胸罩奶心✨ 闪屁屁 Flash ass💕 摘口罩5分钟Remove mask for 5 minute 大魔兔五分钟 此刻爱你💗😍✨Love you now ❤Put toys in 骚逼放入小粉5min😍(不脱) 小粉控制 Control Lush for 5min😍 Take off one's underwear脱内裤 控制大黑牛 Control Domi for 5min✨ 成为uu骑士✨✨Be a uu knight 新年大红包New Year red envelope 加v(私人联系方式) uu是例外也是偏爱,集宠爱与一生💗💗 接uu下班了✨✨Pick up uu from work 让宝贝休息一天Give me a day off💗💗

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Ohhh boy! I don't want to spoil it for you, but all I can tell is that once you sign in, you enter to another dimension. I'm out of this world, the only woman that will make you come back and ask for more and YES, I'm here to give every thing you're asking for. My limits are ALMOST non-existent.

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Hello gentlemen, I’m Amber and welcome to my profile. I’m an educated women but prefers life in the adult industry. I’m instantly turned on by smart men who can keep me engaged in conversation and teach me news things.

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If you love my eyes Before taking me a private tip Suck fingers Drooling ahegao Anal plug tail Blowjob+Deepthroat Support my room (UwU) Control lush (five min) Control NORA (five min) PM for make an arrangement Let me use DOMI ANAL-FUCK you have choose toy♥

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strong adult men, arm veins, handsome erect penis, tall guys.

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I am an impulsive person, I am friendly, creative, empathetic, responsible, respectful, I am studying graphic design and I am passionate about what I do.

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I am possessing a cascade of rich, chestnut waves that frame a visage adorned with subtle confidence. My silhouette, a dance of curves and grace , unveils the artistry of nature`s design in every step I`m taking.

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I am the perfect mix of elegance, sophistication and erotic energy. Genuine goddess of pleasure, sensual, sweet, sexy, charming smile, elegant, sophisticated- with me you can have ''Girlfriend Experience'' or the hottest ''Porn Star Experience'' . Give me a sign if this attracts u

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Hi there, I am an devil with a angel face ,full of passion and sensuality.I came down from heaven with the mission of giving you all the pleasure and fulfill all your deepest desires :D .I love to be all the time on the top..... of you :) I can`t wait to get you alone,watch me turn your mind into my home, sign here for sin... :D

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My name is Mira I'm from Riga I'm 18 years old I am, a model, and most importantly, I am an honest and good person. For a complete sense of happiness, there is not enough of a second half, otherwise they consider themselves a complete person. I am the happy owner of many hobbies, some of which do not fit together at all. But this way you can understand that the framework is not for me, I prefer freedom .I am not an ideal in the whole universe, but if you look in whose universe. It's easy to be with me, you just need to be there for that. Someone will think I'm crazy, but who in this world is normal? Just give me time and I'll turn the Earth upside down.

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Hi, I'm Ariel. Nice to meet you. I am new in this world full of pleasure and sensuality. I like to make new friends and also make them long-term. I may appear shy at first, but my imagination is full of crazy things. I like you to talk freely with me because I want to fulfill your every fantasy. I follow curiosity, spontaneity and things that give me pleasure. I am a person whose smile lights up the room, my angelic face will attract your attention from the first moment. I invite you to get to know us better.

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Chances are you're already familiar with my presence. My name is Mistress Amirah, the exclusive Goddess designated for your unwavering servitude moving forward. Your journey will involve surrendering yourself willingly to me, fostering an overwhelming desire to comply with my directives and fervently worship me. Perpetually, you'll find yourself at my feet, devoted to a lifetime of service, indulgence, and earnest supplication on your knees.

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Lovely! Since you're reading this it means I got your attention. An art and beauty admirer and nonetheless a real lover, a confident, the one that you feel free to talk about everything and you won't feel judged for a second. Would you like to know more?

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Hello👋! My name is Donna and I am a professional dominatrix, with a large background and years of experience👑. I am dominant by nature, not by choice, so...There is no way to be other then bossy and demanding ♀️😎! If you are a fetishist, a submissive male or a true devoted slave, you are welcome to join my private chat for a session! You can find below a list of the fetishes and fantasies that I practice: ✔️JOI✔️CEI✔️SPH✔️CBT✔️Findom✔️Orgasm control (teasing games, edging, drooling, ruined orgasms, cum denial)✔️Chastity✔️Ballbusting ✔️Whipping/spanking/slapping✔️Facesitting POV ✔️Bondage✔️Training & discipline✔️Cuckolding POV✔️Homewrecking✔️Femdom related roleplays ✔️Foot fetish✔️Spit fetish✔️Goddess worship ✔️Tributes & spoiling ✔️Strapon play & pegging✔️Sissy training/sissification/ feminization✔️Crossdressing ✔️Encouraged bi✔️CFNM✔️ASMR✔️Long term ownership & full control✔️PVC, leather, high heels, boots, pantyhose, gloves etc. ⛔NO FREE DEMANDS⛔NO TOILET GAMES⛔NO TEAMVIEWER

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Welcome to heaven, Kylee is here! 😍 With me you'll find an alluring mix of teasing, dancing, and the occasional surprise. It's the purrfect place to let your fantasies free and explore the depths of your desires. I'm a woman who likes real men, gentlemen with a straightforward attitude. I'm a sensual being and I will never hide my wild side, my fantasies and my sexual desires. I have dream, some crazier than others, like having sex up in the air in a private jet going straight to a private insland in the middle of the Pacific. My imagination has no limits! If you want to know me better just come and discover your soulmate.

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I am a very romantic and affectionate girl, I love to transmit love to all the people, in my free time I like to have fun knowing new places.

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THIS IS A FAKE TIP MENU FAKE Change to Next Tip Menu Left Pinky Lick the tip. Blow a Fucking Kiss to you 2 plus 2 is 5 then what is 3 ? Finger the Zipper!!!OOOoooooo Oh myself a good breath blowin pelvic thrust x3 Mmmm Ohhhhhh CASPPy (dolarSign) nevadatdk PantsPress Outline Floppy Tell you to go Fuck Yourself Stand Spin jump flick you off Unbutton Pants Draw you something on paper Flex Biceps... HOT STUFF HERE Quicky Chest Flash, Bitches I'll Bend the fuck over for Show of FEET, MMMM smelly Kiss my Ass flash 1 Fake Burp Nipple Play, Come Closer Belly Buttom Pokey Poke Finger between toes OOOo Lalaa Mr. Floppy Preview (My Nuts) Mr.Pickle will poke out, DAMN Water Spit x3 with close up tell you a secret Make Paper Air Plane & toss it Mr. BrownEye WinkyWink (AssHo) To:TheRich. Make me Rich too

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Freedom characterizes me and my attributes will drive you crazy, age is irrelevant since experience and pleasure go hand in hand. I invite you to walk through my body to know what a WOMAN really is 🔥

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Blonde, somehow fragile, intelligent in expression and not only. I am unkempt, quick, volatile, scattered, and beneath it all, perhaps because of it all, an original beauty. I love city-breaks and good stories, so feel free to visit me and share yours with me! Can you make my story even more interesting?

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Hello! I am Lexy! You've just landed in the dream-come-true territory. I am spicy, naughty and very sensual. Very playful and ready to fulfil your fantasies. Feel free to talk with me, I love to know you better and make new friends!

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Getting to know Amy Beck starts by reaching out. Beck is an exclusive model on LiveJasmin, offering private XXX cam shows to her wanting fans. Amy has tiny breasts, a small butt, a thin build, and she loves wearing lingerie, G strings, and getting fully naked for her admirers. Miss Beck loves meeting new, special friends virtually. Loyal and unconditional, Miss Beck sometimes starts off a little more reserved, but her fantastic sense of humor comes out when she is comfortable in her space. Amy loves conversations of all types. Being in live sex cam shows puts Beck in a fantastic spot for comfort; cam shows are a place where Amy loves sharing her body with her fans. Also a fan of nature, Amy thrives when she can be wild and free. Whether outdoors or indoors, this starlet is looking to ride cock virtually. Her extensive collection of costumes is another major perk, and her enjoyment of sensual BDSM is also well-loved by her fans.

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Hi there! I'm Sam, new to this place, hope we will get along. What can I say about me? Well, I'm studying to be a lawyer right now, in free time I like to go on hikes or just long walks through town with music in my ears. I'm open and friendly person, little bad at english, but I will try my best to chat with you haha:3

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